15 Social Media Content Ideas to Fuel Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns strongly relies on the power of social media and people sharing your content to their friends. Well, some choose to only share their project link and keep asking the same audience to support their project.

However, it soon becomes repetitive and boring and your audience start to tune out. If you are running your campaign for 30 days or more you really need to have a good plan of what content you are going to share with your audience over the course of the campaign period.

So here are some of my content ideas for crowdfunding.

  1. Founder Story. In crowdfunding it is always interesting to hear about the founder behind it and their story. If I am going to invest into a new idea I want to know about the person behind it and the inspiration behind the product. So write a blog post about yourself, the founder and what inspired you to start. With this you will make deeper and more meaningful connection with your followers and potential backers.
  2. Product images. Share the product images and the various colours, versions, features, and uses of your product. Show it how it would be used in a every day situations. Often people are not that imaginative when it comes to new product ideas, so make sure you show them how your product can be applied in various life situations.
  3. Videos. There is so much to be said about videos. Even if you are camera shy, there are so many other ways to create interesting and engaging video content. You can use images that you can turn into slide show video, a short gif of your product in use. Perhaps a tour of your office or the creative / production process. Behind the scenes video. Video of you making a video. They do not have to be long or professionally made.
  4. Lives. Whilst we are on the subject of video content, you should know that video content has considerably higher reach than static content. Jump on a Facebook or Instagram Live and talk to your audience. Talk abut your passion and why people should support your project. It will build trust and more personal connection with your audience who may even share your video with their following.
  5. Blog. Write a blog about your product and how it may be used in every day life. Or an inspirational story about your project and the reason why it needs the funding to become reality. Do not assume that from your crowdfunding pitch people will know everything. The more content you can share the more chance of funding you have.
  6. Images of your team. Your team are the people who help you with your project behind the scenes. If you have someone helping you, share it with the world. It may be your mum, dad, brother, sister or even your dog or a parrot. Be fun, be creative and share the journey.
  7. Interview. If you have been interviewed by someone, maybe a blog, podcast, magazine or even your friend, share your interview in video, blog, or any other format you can think of. It is always interesting to read Q&A type of content. It comes across less sale’ey and is easy to consume. Plus you can share some of the things that your audience want to know but would otherwise you be unable to share.
  8. Customer reviews or positive comment. Has someone said anything good about your project or your idea? Perhaps a testimonial or a kind message? Share it with the world. It acts as a social proof for others that someone is supporting your project.
  9. Thank you’s. Do thank your backers publicly. Celebrate your progress along the way. Show your followers that you are making progress. Also by publicly thanking someone you make them feel goo about their pledge who are likely to share with their friends or back your project again before the campaign is over.
  10. Features. Is your story being featured in articles, blogs, or other media? It is so powerful when other media channels are talking about your campaign and if you are lucky to get featured anywhere in the media or online,make sure you share it with your social media followers.
  11. Your journey. Doing crowdfunding campaign can become a lonely road, so to avoid that, share your journey with your followers. Update them on your progress, on how you are doing. If they backed you and supporting your project hey will want to know how you are getting on. Don’t just share the wins, also share the things you are doing, if you are having important meetings, team meetings, creating plans, doing photoshoot or anything related to your campaign, share the behind the scenes shots.
  12. Countdown. Keep your audience informed of how long you still have before the campaign closes, inspiring some urgency for people to take action.
  13. Ask your audience for help. It doesn’t have to be just ask or money type of post. Ask your audience for feedback, input, ideas or simply to share your message to their audience. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask.
  14. Rewards. Inspire people to action by sharing the special rewards that are available through your crowdfunding campaign. Many times people are attracted to your campaign because of the rewards they will get, so share it to your social media to drive more visitors and backers to your campaign.
  15. Images. You should have a library of images that you can share throughout the campaign. Mix it up, be creative and always include a call to action or a link to your campaign. For best performance, make the images optimised for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PinInterest etc.